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Belly Butter

Belly Butter

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Made with the most nourishing ingredients to stop + heal stretch marks as well as keep skin ultra moisturized

Cocoa Butter is creates a barrier on skin to help protect from damage caused by the sun, wind, etc. It retains moisture to avoid damage from stretching or scaring while helping with elasticity, anti-inflammatory + adding antioxidants

Coconut oil antimicrobial which helps protect skin from harmful bacteria, it also protects skin from sun damage, helps treat scars, wounds + acne, is an anti-inflammatory + keeps moisture in

Avocado oil also contains many vitamins + can help soothe + smooth skin all while nourishing + moisturizing skin

Vitamin E oil helps to heal dry + itchy skin, prevents skin wrinkling or stretching, heals wounds, makes scars less visible + tightens skin

Shea Butter is rich in antioxidants to help with anti aging, it contains anti-inflammatory properties as well as many fatty acids which all help to retain moisture + help heal already damaged skin from things like scars, stretch marks, etc

8 oz | ultra moisturizing | skin healers

cocoa butter + coconut oil + avocado oil + arrowroot powder + vitamin e oil  

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