In 2017 I started making candles, it quickly became something I truly loved doing. I was obsessed with candles already + found that the candles I was making were so much better than the ones I had been buying for years. I have since learned so much more about my product + it's ingredients that I have added lotions made with the same quality ingredients to my collection as well as other bath + body and home fragrance products. I will always be striving for a better line of home accents + body care products than you can find any where else. Which is why e have now expanded our brand to become CENTENNIAL CANDLE & CO. we will continue adding things all the time while always keeping clean, simply made products our goal.

All those years ago I was a newlywed with two fur pups & plenty of time on my hands, since then our family has grown by one (so far) & things have certainly become more hectic. This business is growing (THANK YOU sooo much!) + changing + so is life! I will embrace the chaos because I absolutely love doing it so thank you again for all the support, it keeps us going every step of the way!

Non-Toxic Always

Over the years our brand has changed many recipes to fit the non-toxic goal! We began making bath bombs but shortly after discovered that a very common ingredient used in them is known to cause cancer so we worked tirelessly to redo the recipe to ensure that it is all natural but especially non-toxic. My daughter loved to use the bath bombs so now I am confident that she can use them every night if she wants! These are just one example of our dedication to bring clean products to you.


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Centennial Candle + Co through the years

From our first show with Mason Jar candles through COVID shortages, pregnancy + a baby things are vastly different than where we started. THANK YOU!